The refresh you're craving is here. In The Bright Life, Bible teacher Jen Wise invites you on a 40-day journey from out-of-control chaos to discovering the unforced rhythms of grace. Reset your life with spiritual insights and reclaim your energy for a full life.

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Writer and Bible teacher Jen Wise knew that holistic faith-that reaches into every facet of life-is what brings grace and renewal. But she didn’t begin to live this truth until her world fractured. So as she searched Scripture for a better way, she discovered Jesus’ invitation for just that: small steps able to lead us into a bright new beginning.

So to the woman who feels her all is never enough, The Bright Life is your invitation to a new start. You were created to be healthy, strong, vibrant, and to rest in the unforced rhythms of grace Jesus so lovingly makes available to us all. Come along and learn how to avoid habits that seem smart but are deceptively self-sabotaging, pick up habits of wholeness that actually stick, and try surprising ways to practice kindness toward yourself and generosity toward loved ones.

The Bright Life extends a daily invitation with striking insights, tips to reclaim your energy, and a three-part practice of looking inward, upward, and outward as you step into a brighter way. This 40-day reset weaves story and Scripture together to cultivate a peaceful place where, through the attentive love of Jesus, you can experience the unforced rhythms of grace.

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This book is for anyone who needs to take a step back, regroup, and find God. In the messiness of life, Jen as a narrator is both refreshing and honest, leading us into a full conversation about grace, health, and a vibrant life.

Hannah Brencher

Author; Founder, More Love Letter; Online Educator

In our frenetic, stress-filled, work-drunk culture, Jen Wise offers a hope filled way forward. Rest. Space. Health. Stillness. Quiet. These are ingredients in the recipe for true life in Christ.

J.R. Briggs

Auther of "Fail"; Founder, Kairos Partnerships

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About the Author

Jen is happy to spend most days rotating between friends, family, writing, cooking, and her neighborhood yoga studio. A color enthusiast, obsessive foodie, and compassionate theologian, Jen holds an MA in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and develops curriculum for a variety of churches. She lives in Philadelphia’s Main Line neighborhood with her family. Connect with Jen on her blog,

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